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JUNE 2012
Sabbatical die Auszeit auf Zeit – Auszeit in der Krise und Kraft schöpfen für einen Neuanfang.
SMS Frankfurt, Agentur für corporate Incentives und Adventure Tours bietet eine umfangreiche Beratung, Angebote und viele Ideen für ihre Auszeit.

Frankfurt, 14. Juni 2012 – Wie stellen Sie sich ihre persönliche Auszeit vor? In 80 Tagen um die Welt? Eine Reise uf der Trans-Sibirischen Eisenbahn? Winter-Trekking in Sibirien? Feldarbeit auf den Philippinen ? Meditation und Schweigen im Kloster? Rancher in Süd-Amerika? Arbeiten in einem Kinderheim in Albanien? Wandern auf dem Jakobsweg? Adventure Rallye in Zentralasien? Kamel-Trekking in der Mongolei oder Überlebenstraining im Brasilianischen Dschungel? – Diese und viele andere Möglichkeiten werden von SMS-Frankfurt der Agentur für individuelle Touren und Adventures angeboten.
Gerne steht ihnen aber auch Jürgen Schreiter und sein Team von SMS Frankfurt für ihre persönliche Auszeitberatung zur Verfügung.

Warum eine Auszeit nehmen? Warum jetzt?
Gerade jetzt in Krisenzeiten kann man so einem drohenden Burn-Out Syndrom vorbeugen, neue Energie und Käfte sammeln, um dann wieder im alten oder einem ganz neuen Job einzusteigen.
Lernen sie eine neue Sprache oder machen sie Fortbildung, auch dies sind weitere Möglichkeiten wie sie ihr indiviudelles Sabbatical für ihr Fortkommen oder zur Neuorientierung nutzen können.

Gezielt nach ihren Vorstellungen und passend zu ihrer Persönlichkeit entwickelt SMS Frankfurt eine Reihe von Vorschlägen für ihre Auszeit und berät sie auch darüber hinaus auch bei weiteren Fragen und Herangehensweise zu diesem Thema.

Die Agentur SMS-Frankfurt ist neben der Auszeitberatung besonders spezialisert auf Adventures in Osteuropa, Russland, Zentralasien, Asien und den Oman.

SMS Frankfurt finden sie auch in den Sozialen Netzwerken:

Events Incentives Adventures
Burgfriedenstrasse 17
60489 Frankfurt am Main

SMS Frankfurt
Die Spezialagentur für Adventure Tours, corporate Incentives und mehr.
Individualbetreuung, Betratung und falls gewünscht auch die Begleitung bei Ihren Sport-Trips, Adventure Touren und Sabbaticals.
SMS Frankfurt mit dem Inhaber Jürgen Schreiter und seinem kompetenten Team betreut und berät Sie insbesonders bei Reisen nach Ost-Europa, Russland, Zentralasien, Asien und dem Oman.
MAY 2012
7. ALLGAEU-ORIENT RALLY 2012 is over
Finishing in Baku/Azerbaijan followed by the ceremony in Wadi Rum/Jordan

One of the last automobile adventures of this World, the old and youngtimer rally from the Allgäu region in southern Germany to the Orient and specifically to Baku in Azerbaijan was started 28th of April 2012 for the seventh time in Oberstaufen.
It was also in the year 2012 the Low Budget Rally for the people, who dream of participating in a calculable adventure. The rally is a cheap alternative for Paris-Dakar for strong Teams and good mooded people.

Jürgen Schreiter from SMS-Frankfurt participated in this years Allgaeu-Orient Rally for the first time with the CaBa Racing Team.

The Challenge:
2 Weeks – 13 Countries – 6,000 Kilometer and
No Highways – No Toll Roads – No Ferry Boats – No GPS!

Some first impressions on

Three weeks, twelve nations – the most exciting active tour of the summer
Largest Vodka Train Tour of SMS Frankfurt through Russia to Mongolia and China completed

Frankfurt, August 20th 2010 – From June twelve to 30th almost 100 (97) adventure and sports enthusiasts from twelve countries were on their way by train, by foot, bus and ferry – at the Vodka Train Tour 2010. This summer offer included among other things a boat party on the Moscow River, cross country running along the Eurasian border, a bath in icy Lake Baikal and a stay in exclusive Mongolian yurts. It was the largest organized cultural, sports and event tour of SMS Frankfurt.

Start for all participants, coming from Australia, Barbados, China, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Canada, the USA and more countries, was Moscow – on 20th anniversary of Russia’s independence. With a boat party on the Moskva River the organizers rang a unique, challenging and inspiring journey for the international participants. At the first stage they took the Trans-Siberian railway via Kazan to Yekaterinburg and the “border of Eurasia”. Sightseeing and cross-country races were program at each station. Fun and sport mated the euphoric participants from all over the world, also at a picnic in the Eurasian border, when half of the group at the European, the other half on Asian terrain drank on each ones health.

Irkutsk was the next exciting stop on the Vodka Train Tour. From here the international travelers took a two-day break after the journey along the historic Trans-Sib route on Lake Baikal. Hardly any of the participants went swimming in seven degrees cold lake, which is known as a rejuvenating spa. A ferry brought the group to the island of Olkhon for another cross-country run and accommodation in traditional wooden huts and with folklore in the evening.

Back to Irkutsk they continued with the train to Mongolia which was a pure cultural experience: unspoiled nature, adventurous cinematic scenes in public trains, cross-country races in a remote monastery and shaman fire dance in the exclusive hotel Mongolia with rooms as Mongolian yurts.

The journey was emotionally and physically was the best ever” wrote a participant from Australia to the organizer Jürgen Schreiter from SMS Frankfurt after her return „You helped make it a trip of a lifetime for me” said another participant and “the Vodka Train was an exciting, enjoyable and memorable holiday/adventure. It was everything and more than what we were expecting…”.

The final stage was Mongolia to China. The cosmopolitan group was not only in the Gobi desert, they also took fascinating pictures of the Hanging Monastery in Datong and the surrounding caves. The farewell, after a walk on the Great Wall, was not easy after three weeks. Some enthusiasts of the Vodka Train Tour 2010, already planned a revival meeting after their return home where they will surely talk a lot about this tour.

More on Twitter, at Facebook or as a free download on iTunes. An iPhone application is currently being prepared.

More pics in printformat, or a trailer of this and other tours we will send you on request.

SMS Frankfurt organizes unusual tours for small groups and businesses with personal care by coaches and guides. Find out more about Adventure Trips, cultural events and incentives such as the Vodka Train tour with the Trans-Sib, trekking in the Gobi Desert, Heli-Skiing in Kamtchatka and Safari Rally events in Russia, Central Asia and the Middle East at

Company contact:
Jürgen Schreiter, SMS Frankfurt, Burgfriedenstrasse 17, 60489 Frankfurt, Germany, Phone +49 69 95 90 97 00

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